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Carol Nunnery, Owner


 I became passionate about traveling at a young age.  As a teenager, my mother would put me on a plane from Connecticut to California to visit my sisters who moved there for college.  In 1988, I moved to Las Vegas and got to “interact” with travelers from all over the world.  I’ve always been fascinated by the culture and diversity.  In 2003, we relocated to Southeast Missouri to be closer to Steve’s family.  At that time, I started with a direct sales company and worked hard to earn many free trips to amazing locations.  My passion for travel continued to flourish.  In May of 2015, I found this amazing franchise opportunity with outstanding training and support.  I’ve gone all in to create amazing vacations for my clients.  My philosophy is “YOUR vacation is MY vacation”!  My goal is to create outstanding trips at a great value, so you that can make memories that last a lifetime.  I specialize in All-Inclusive Resorts and cruises but I am willing to assist with all of your travel needs.


 Jessi Schwerin, Associate


I live in northern Minnesota.  After a long career in direct sales, I started to look for something more. I started traveling with the direct sales company I work for and it sparked an interest I never knew I had.  I long to see the world and I have found that my obsession for planning our trips is a good outlet for helping others.  I love Disney everything!  I love helping travel dreams come true!  


Angel Hillman, Associate


I fell in love with travel, backpacking across 17 European countries, over the course of 5 months my senior year in college. Since then, it’s been a passion for me and my family (which includes my husband of 21 years, Lee, and our teenage son, Nicolas). 
Since my European vacation, I’ve added Australia, Israel, Guatemala, Jamaica and more than 30 trips to Mexico (Cabos San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun) to my passport. Add in 5 cruises and as far as I’m concerned, I’ve been specializing in vacations for a long time! I am super excited to now have the official title "Vacation Specialist" - and cannot wait to help you plan and book your dream vacation. 

Amy Sutherlin, Associate


 I became interested in travel at a young age, mainly through a foreign exchange student that my family hosted and others that attended my high school in Oklahoma. I was fascinated by their cultures and stories and dreamed about visiting their countries. Fast-forward to adulthood, living in nine different states, many trips to Orlando, a love for the mountains, and a Disney cruise. Another fast-forward, and I had the good fortune to spend some time in Paris several years ago and it re-sparked my interest and desire to see more of this incredible world of ours. I’m looking forward to an Alaskan cruise next summer with my family and a lot of incredible friends. I love hearing others tell of their travels and want to play a part in creating their memories. I look forward to providing our customers with travel experiences that they will remember for a lifetime. My bucket list includes a trip to New Zealand. What’s on your bucket list? Let’s make your Dream Vacation come true!

 "Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” Gustave Flaubert